Moscow Restaurants 2024

Top 20 restaurants you should definitelly visit during your stay in Moscow.

Looking for the best restaurants in Moscow? Checkout our latest list of the top places to eat in the capital of Russia.

Most of the trendiest restaurants are located around the famous Patriarch Ponds neighborhood, also known as the main gourmet center of Moscow and the neighboring Bolshaya Nikitskaya street. (our picks include Gvidon, Pino and Loro restaurants)

The list also includes a number of the beloved classics like Pushkin and White Rabbit that was awarded a Michelin star in 2022.

1. Pushkin Restaurant

Pushkin Restaurant

Pushkin restaurant is located in a 19th century mansion in the heart of the city. One of the best places to experience Russian cuisine. During summer they open summer verandah located on top of the restaurant's building and overlooks Pushkin Boulevard.

2. Erwin Restaurant

Erwin Restaurant

Erwin is a seafood restaurant that occupies 2 floors of the building located at the bank of the Moscow River in close proximity to the Radisson Royal Hotel. Erwin's menu features an extensive selection of crabs that includes king crab, snow crab, frog crab, blue king crab, spiky crab and hairy crab.

3. Dr Zhivago Restaurant

Dr Zhivago Restaurant

Dr. Zhivago is located in the heart of Moscow, just one block away from the Red Square and Kremlin. It occupies the ground floor of the legendary Hotel National built in 1902. The restaurant carries the name of the legendary novel, as well as creates its own intriguing story line.

4. White Rabbit Restaurant

White Rabbit Restaurant

In October of 2021 White Rabbit received it's Michelin star. The restaurant represents the so called “new Russian cuisine”. At White Rabbit they use local products to cook traditional Russian dishes with a modern touch.

5. Sixty Restaurant

Sixty Restaurant

The Sixty restaurant, located on the Federation Tower's 62nd floor, offers stunning panoramic views and stands as one of Europe's highest dining spots.

6. Novikov Restaurant & Bar

Novikov Restaurant & Bar

Novikov Restaurant & Bar is located on the first floor of the Ritz-Carlton hotel on the central Tverskaya street. The menu is focused mostly on PanAsian dishes.

7. Gvidon Restaurant

Gvidon Restaurant

Gvidon restaurant is located in a restored mansion of the pre-revolutionary era. The historic building with large windows resembles old Moscow architecture. The extensive multi-page menu is divided into 3 sections that include seasonal dishes, raw bar, and main menu.

8. Savva Restaurant

Savva Restaurant

Savva restaurant is located inside the famous 5 star Metropole hotel right across from the Bolshoi Theater and TSUM department store.

Savva’s menu was compiled by chef Andrey Shmakov with a primary focus on Russian cuisine. Although you’ll find some French and Italian items in the menu as well. The menu also includes Raw Bar.

9. Pino Restaurant

Pino Restaurant

Pino is an Italian restaurant located in the heart of the trendy Patriarch Ponds area in the central part of Moscow. Pino’s extensive international menu has a dedicated section with dishes that can be shared among all guests at the table. Checkout their breakfasts served daily from 8:00 to 12:00.

10. Bolshoi Restaurant

Bolshoi Restaurant

Bolshoi restaurant is located in the heart of Moscow next to the world famous Bolshoi Theater and TSUM department store. Local menu includes culinary classics from around the world. There are items from traditional Russian and Soviet era cuisine that are mixed with select Italian and French dishes.

11. Sakhalin Restaurant

Sakhalin Restaurant

The Sakhalin restaurant is located on the 22nd floor of the AZIMUT City Hotel Smolenskaya that offers a 360-degree panoramic views of Moscow.

The restaurant’s menu features one of the best selection of seafood dishes in the city including crabs, shrimps, a variety of shells and fish brought directly from the Far East of Russia.

12. Butcher Restaurant

Butcher Restaurant
4.8(811)Steak house

Butcher on Tsvetnoy Boulevard is a premium steak house located on the first floor of the modern business center minutes away from the TSUM department store. Butcher specializes in premium meat from Argentina, Uruguay and Russia, so its a good place to have one of the classic steaks.

13. La Bottega Siciliana

La Bottega Siciliana

La Bottega Siciliana is a premium Italian restaurant located in the same building as the Four Seasons Hotel. The menu at La Bottega Siciliana listed on many pages is huge. It has all varieties of Italian dishes as well as some original items compiled by the chef Claudio Pirovano.

14. Turandot Restaurant

Turandot Restaurant

Turandot is a premium pan-Asian restaurant located on Tverskoy Boulevard in the center of Moscow. The restaurant was created by the same restaurateur who created Pushkin restaurant located in the same building.

15. Ivanka Restaurant

Ivanka Restaurant

The Ivanka restaurant is located in the Neva Towers skyscraper in the Moscow City district. The main menu reflects the personal view of chef Ivan Negutarov on Mediterranean gastronomy with a primary focus on Italy. Checkout the menu’s dedicated “Carpaccio”, “Tartare”, “Crudo”, “On Ice” and “Caviar” sections!

16. Le Pigeon Restaurant

Le Pigeon Restaurant

Le Pigeon is a restaurant that specializes in Parisian cuisine where traditional French dishes are served with some creative modern twists. For those that are just starting their acquaintance with French cuisine, the chefs recommend trying some snails in white wine.

17. Boston Seafood & Bar

Boston Seafood & Bar

Boston Seafood & Bar has 2 major advantages that make it stand out among other restaurants in Moscow also serving seafood. The first advantage is pricing policy that is extremely attractive considering high quality of their food.

18. Aist Restaurant

Aist Restaurant

Aist restaurant is located in the trendy Patriarch Ponds area in the center of Moscow. The restaurant is mainly focused on European cuisine but also has some signature Asian dishes. The restaurant is located in its own 3 story building and has one of the best summer verandahs in Moscow.

19. Loro Restaurant

Loro Restaurant

Loro was originally opened in the winter of 2019 and became famous for its fresh Moscow take on Italian classics. The menu consists of just one sheet and six sections. There is a raw section that has oysters, sea urchins, several kinds of carpaccio and tartare. The desert menu has all Italian classics like Tiramisu, Pistachio ice cream and Crème Brûlée.

20. Yug 22 Restaurant

Yug 22 Restaurant

Yug 22 restaurant’s name is translated from Russian as “south” and the number refers to the building’s address. The restaurant is located on Bolshaya Nikitskaya street, famous for its restaurant scene and pedestrian area.

The front door of the restaurant is decorated with yellowish tones. You will definitely like the restaurant’s floor to ceiling windows that they open during warm summer months.