Moscow Nightlife 2024

Top night clubs and bars to socialize in Moscow during your stay.

Explore our Moscow Nightlife guide for the 2024. We have compiled a list of the best night clubs in Moscow. Explore the list to find out where the coolest crowd in Moscow actually hangs out.

1. Keanu Bar

Keanu Bar

Keanu Bar is located in the famous Patriarch Ponds area in Moscow. During weekends it hosts various DJs spinning deep house tracks. In summer people are allowed to take their drinks outside the bar and hang out in the street adjecent to the front door. Overall, it’s a good place to start your night out.

3. Simach v Nedalnem

Simach v Nedalnem

Simach is a 2 level nightclub and a restaurant in the center of Moscow. The place hosts weekly parties with some of the top DJs in town. The restaurant serves a variety of pan asian dishes including sushi. Gets really crowded after midnight on weekends.

4. MO friends bar & dining

MO friends bar & dining

More Friends is located several blocks away from the TSUM department store. During the week it functions as a restaurant. On weekends it hosts parties until early morning. Prepare for some Moscow face control at the entrance during weekend nights!

5. Bar Klava

Bar Klava

Bar Klava is located next door to the MO Friends Bar and also hosts weekly parties that are frequented by the cool crowd. The place also gets crowded after midnight.

7. Bar Sisi

Bar Sisi

Sisi is a small bar with a dance floor in the basement of the restaurant called Blondie. It is located just a couple blocks away from the TSUM department store. Local DJs play a lot of Russian pop music, that really sucks. On the other hand, this music attracts lots of hot chicks on weekends.