Moscow Strip Clubs 2024

Our ultimate Moscow strip clubs guide in 2024. Explore our list of top 8 strip clubs and reviews.

Moscow strip clubs attract young females from all over the country looking for fast cash and wealthy sponsors or in some cases potential husbands!

There are lots of beautiful women in Russia that tend to move to Moscow from various parts of the country in search for better life. Settling in any capital is not an easy task that requires significant amounts of cash.

Fast cash is probably not the best long term strategy, but it definitely helps to pay the current bills.

Getting a job at a strip club is not a very hard task for a good looking woman. Most ladies involved in the business use the opprotunity to work at a strip club as a temporary option that helps them settle in a big city.

Finding wealthy sponsors like oligarhs and succefull businessmen is a highly desirable target for most of the girls arriving to Moscow from remote regions. Of course, budgets that potential sponsors are willing to spend vary.

The most common sponsorship package that these women try to get includes the compensation of their monthly apartment rental and common expenses.

Higher end budgets may include a Mercedes with a personal driver, regular shopping at top fashion boutiqies and luxury travel.

There are many ways they typically use to find their financial supporters and the definition of “rich” highly varies.

The two most common ways are strip clubs and escort agents. The latter option is more private and involves some closed Telegram groups that require reference.

Best Moscow Strip Club Poll Results

Our recent "Best Moscow Strip Club" poll had 753 participants from 8 countries. It helped us identify the most popular strip clubs in Moscow.

Strip Club#VotesPercent
Egoist (at Pekin Hotel)719%
911 Aurora587.4%
Bordo (Macho)527%
911 Korston273.8%

How Moscow Strip Clubs Operate Legally

Long time ago Moscow strip clubs functioned as typical brothels. Brothels have never been legal in Russia. The trick was that most of these clubs offered typical services you would expect to find at brothels without actually being brothels.

General idea behind that business model was that all ladies working at the club had to pay an entrance fee to get inside just like men. After entering the club it was up to them to decide what to do and how interact with their potential customers. The club had nothing to do with this.

Simple as that!

No one forced dancers working at these strip clubs to do anything against their own will. In fact local security guards protected them from any unwanted interactions.

Any interaction of a cutstomer with a girl could end up at one of the rented VIP rooms inside the club or just with a regular lap dance without getting any further.

Today the strip clubs industry is regulated by local authorities. Everything that happens inside these clubs today is far from what took place there in the 1990s and early 2000s. In fact, there are a lot of strip clubs that position themselves as "sex free".

Moscow Strip Clubs Today

I would describe the atmosphere at most of these strip clubs as a pre-party or after-party at a night club depending on the time you visit. It’s like hanging out at a regular club, but with lots of beautiful, half-naked women around you.

You can just relax and chat with any of them while having a drink. Another option is to book a table at the club's restaurant and start your night there.

Services: Lap Dances & More

Similar to many other strip joints around the world, Moscow Strip clubs offer a number of regular services.

First of all they have bars where you can have a drink or two while staring at the girls. In addition to that, most of the clubs have restaurant areas where you can order a meal.

Some of the clubs have very sophisticated cuisines managed by some high ranking chefs. This really depends on the class of a strip club. Places like Egoist serve sushi and all kinds of European cuisine dishes.

There are lots of services offered at the clubs related to actual interaction with the dancers. This typically includes tips and lap dance fees.

Some strip clubs have strict policies that cover most of the things that are allowed to do and their corresponding price tags (for example, a lap dance, touching or no touching).

Some clubs don’t really care how you interact with a dancer. All of the things are very informal and negotiated between a customer and a dancer (a lap dance is not listed on the menu, but can be negitiated with a dancer)

Some clubs don’t allow any “touching” unless you pay for the lap-dance. Talking about the policies related to more intimate services, your best option is to discuss that in person with one of the dancers. Again, some clubs have private rooms that you can rent and no one would care about what you do there. Some clubs won’t allow that.

There are strip clubs that offer an option to "fire" a dancer or a waitress for the whole night.

In fact dancers are not the only ones you can approach. There are good looking bar girls, waitresses and hostesses! A lot of strip clubs offer an option to invite any of these girls to your table. They usually charge customers based on per 10 minutes or per 1 hour basis.

Moscow Strip Clubs Prices

Here is a list of average prices on some of the services and menu items. As you can guess, prices vary depending on the class of a club.

Menu ItemPrice Range
Bottled Beer500Rub (5USD) – 1000Rub (10USD)
A Lap Danceabout 3000Rub (30 USD)
Entrance FeeAbout 3000Rub
Soft Drinksabout 500 Rubles (5 USD)

Sitting down on a couch usually requires an additional drinks/food nonrefundable deposit fee (couple hundred bucks depending on the class of venue). This amount is typically split between several guests.

Tipping girls

Tipping is something you negotiate directly with the girls. The tips start at about 300Rub - 500Rub and go up depending on the class of a strip club.

So, the typical case is when you sit down with a girl you like, talk to her, get closer to her, maybe she performs a small dance for you.

During the whole interaction I would usually tip her about 500 rub (5USD) every 10 minutes. And during this time I would negotiate our further plans for the evening.

Is there Sex in the Champagne Room?

There are clubs that stay out of what takes place inside their VIP rooms. If that's the case with your stip club then keep in mind that the standard “service” duration is 30 minutes and the price consists of two parts.

The first part is actually the amount you negotiate with the dancer and pay directly to her. The typical price is about 20,000 (200 USD) Rub depending on the venue.

The second part is the VIP room rental fee that is usually paid to one of the waiters. This is usually another 15,000 Rub - 20,000 Rub.

Again, these prices could go way up, depending on the club.

VIP room prices vary depending on lots of things that include class of the strip club, size of the room, size of bed, availability of shower, Jacuzzi or a private pool and so on….

A lot of Moscow strip clubs offer club cards that you can purchase and save on your entrance fees and bar menu. As an example 911 clubs offer cards that allow free entrance for 5 people and 15% discount on the bar and restaurant menu. Penthouse has the same set of club cards at similar prices.

Moscow Strip Clubs - best time to visit

Most strip clubs in Moscow work Monday through Sunday. The best time to visit them is Thursday through Saturday starting at 22:00. That’s when most of the dancers are available and the party is just about to start.

Also keep in mind the entrance fee that is usually about 3000 Rubles (about 30 US Dollars).

Top Moscow Strip Clubs in 2024

There are several clubs that are popular at the moment and seem to offer decent quality for money ratio. This means they have a lot of good looking girls and the pricess are reasonable.

Here is the list:

Egoist remains to be one of the top adult clubs in Moscow. I have heard various opinions about it. Most of them confirm that it has the largest number of really attractive girls. At the same time it’s the most expensive club on the list. Most girls at Egoist expect larger tips.

During weekends you’ll have to pay about Rub30k deposit fee to sit down at one of the tables. My advice is to give it a try if you are ready to spend more. Otherwise the first 3 clubs are also good. You can get similar quality experience paying less. In fact I have seen a number of great looking dancers from Egoist working at Hunters and Loft.

Some Final Words

So the main idea that I wanted to conclude this post with is that visiting a strip club in Moscow is more than just paying, watching and leaving.

Your experience can be much more fun and exciting. There are plenty of beautiful women in Russia! Just make sure you visit right places that are safe and reliable.

More Strip Clubs in Moscow

1. Cabaret Le Rouge

Cabaret Le Rouge

Cabaret Le Rouge is different from most of the regular strip clubs. The main difference is that it has a dedicated team that sets up world class shows similar in quality to the famous Lido or Moulin Rouge in Paris. The non-stop strip performances take place every night from 21:00 till 6:00 in the morning. Private dances start at 3,500 Rubbles.

2. Golden Girls

Golden Girls

Golden Girls is one of the oldest strip clubs in Moscow. Private dances start at 3,000 Rubles. They'll charge you 6,000 Rubles for the same lap dance in a private VIP room. Lots of good looking girls. A bottle of Corona beer is about 900 Rubles (10 USD).

4. Rasputin Strip Club

Rasputin Strip Club

Named after the notorious Russian monk, Rasputin Club is one of the oldest strip clubs in Moscow that was opened in 1996. In addition to the strip club Rasputin features a restaurant, karaoke and a SPA-center.

5. Virgins Strip Club

Virgins Strip Club
4.5(104)Strip Clubs

The general idea about Virgins is that this place is full of good looking ladies that you can hang out with. I wouldn’t say that these girls look like any of the Mavrin Models but there were a number of very attractive women during our last visit.

Private dances start at 2000 Rubles. You can dismiss any waitress from her work duties to spend 30 minutes with you for 4500 Rubles (about 50 bucks).

6. Burlesque Strip Club

Burlesque Strip Club

Burlesque is a well-known chain of adult clubs in Moscow. At the moment it consists of 2 clubs. One is located on Komsomolsky pr. 28 near the Frunzenskaya subway station with the total number of 55 dancers per shift.

In addition to the strip club Burlesque features a restaurant with a bar and karaoke.

7. Penthouse Strip Club

Penthouse Strip Club

Penthouse is an extension of the famous American chain located in the center of Moscow. In addition to the beautiful ladies and a bar it has a sushi menu and a variety of hookahs available.

8. 911 Korston Strip Club

911 Korston Strip Club

The first 911 strip club was opened in Moscow in 2006 at the Korston hotel located slightly outside the city center. After paying the entrance fee, guests proceed to the main hall of the club full of hot dancers. VIP rooms are available onsite.