Cabaret Le Rouge


Bolshoy Putinkovsky, 5
Subway: pushkinskaya

Cabaret Le Rouge is not a typical strip club that you can find in other major cities around the world. Located in the center of Moscow, this place has a focus on higher class adult entertainment. The club has a dedicated team that sets up world class shows similar in quality to what you’ll find at the famous Lido or Moulin Rouge in Paris.

cabaret le rouge moscow

The non-stop strip performances take place every night from 21:00 till 6:00 in the morning. Check out their nightly specials that take place from 00:00 till 3:00 and feature all kinds of shows ranging from variety ballet to circus gymnastics and live vocal.

The atmosphere of Cabaret Le Rouge is focused on providing its guests with the maximum comfort. After entering the club, the guests are welcomed by the gorgeous hostesses. They can answer your questions about the venue and guide you to the table. The club has more than 100 dancers working per shift daily. This place is literally full of beautiful women!

Entrance fee is 3,000 Rubles. Lap Dance prices start at 3,500 Rubles. You can order a private dance in the shower for 6,000 Rubles.

Cabaret Le Rouge is an upscale venue that works to provide top quality service in Moscow. That’s one of the reasons why the main hall is relatively small and can seat only 60 guests! This allows to provide each guest with an excellent view of the scene.

Cabaret Le Rouge has one of most advanced sound systems installed called Robe DIGITAL Spot 3000 DT. This type of systems can be typically found at the top night clubs and theaters around the globe. The club features a mixed cuisine that includes Japanese and European dishes. The average check at Cabaret Le Rouge is 5000 Rubles (about 50usd) including alcohol.

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