Sakhalin Restaurant



Smolenskaya Ulitsa, 8
Subway: Smolenskaya
sakhalin restaurant moscow

The Sakhalin restaurant is located on the 22nd floor of the AZIMUT City Hotel Smolenskaya.

The restaurant’s menu features one of the best selection of seafood dishes in the city including crabs, shrimps, a variety of shells and fish brought directly from the Far East of Russia.

As it states on the restaurant’s website, they use Russian regional products and combine them with various Mediterranean and Asian dishes. In addition to that, Sakhalin restaurant has a Raw bar with a glacier and an aquarium, where guests can pick their seafood.

The main hall of the Sakhalin Restaurant offers a 360-degree panoramic view of Moscow. The furniture is comfortable and spacious: leather sofas, armchairs and large tables.

There is a lot of natural light during the day. The distance between tables is sufficient with enough room for customers to comfortably sit and move around their chairs without feeling cramped.

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