Bolshoi Restaurant



Petrovka Ulitsa, 3/6, building 2
Subway: Kuznetskiy most
bolshoi restaurant moscow

Bolshoi restaurant is located in the heart of Moscow next to the world famous Bolshoi Theater.

The restaurant features two halls. The first one is spacious, white, with high ceilings, columns, marble floors and crystal chandeliers.

The second hall is much smaller. It is decorated in dark wood, has a bar area and a staircase leading down to the wine room and toilets.

Bolshoi’s interiors feature paintings on the walls, expensive tableware, a piano and a shiny Russian samovar in the center of the main hall.

The menu at Bolshoi is a long list of dishes written on several thick sheets of white paper. It includes culinary classics from around the world. There are items from traditional Russian and Soviet era cuisine that are mixed with select Italian and French dishes.

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