Erwin Restaurant



Kutuzovsky Ave, 2/1, building 6
Subway: Kievskaya
erwin restaurant

Erwin is a seafood restaurant that occupies 2 floors of the building located at the bank of the Moscow River. That’s just steps away from the Radisson Royal Hotel. Erwin has 230 seats inside plus a large summer verandah making it possible to seat almost 400 guests during summer months.

They use local seafood products to prepare most of the dishes you'll find on the restaurant's menu. You should definitelly try their King crab from the Barents Sea, Karelian Trout fish, shrimp from the Bering Sea, slices of frozen nelma (Siberian white salmon) and sterlet.

As noted on the restaurant's website, customers can also try their homemade style cold smoked Baikal omul or Arkhangelsk toothfish, also known as Chilean seabass. The dish is served with Altai honey.

Erwin's menu has an extensive selection of crabs that includes king crab, snow crab, frog crab, blue king crab, spiky crab and hairy crab. They also serve several kinds of crayfish including Sevan crayfish in beer, Rostov style crayfish, and Louisiana style crayfish.

Other dishes on the menu worth mentioning are all kinds of tartars and salads, seafood pastas, Russian and Pan Asian fish soups, several kinds of caviar.

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