Pushkin Restaurant



Tverskoy Boulevard, 26А
Subway: Pushkinskaya
cafe pushkin moscow

Pushkin restaurant was opened in the late 1990s. It was named after the famous Russian writer recognized all over the world. The restaurant is located in a 19th century mansion in the heart of the city. Today it is famous both among locals as well foreigners visiting Moscow from all over the world.

Pushkin is one of the few restaurants in the city that offers high quality Russian cuisine. In addition to traditional dishes like borscht, ukha (fish soup), pelmeni (dumplings) and caviar, the menu also includes some dishes from French cuisine.

In addition to lunch and dinner, Pushkin offers some of the best breakfasts in the city. Breakfast menu includes all kinds of omelets, traditional sirniki, blini(Russian pancakes), croissants and many other options.

Inside the restaurant is comprised of 7 halls. The most popular one is called Biblioteka translated as "library". The hall is decorated with wooden walls and antique furniture.

During summer they open summer verandah located on top of the restaurant's building and that overlooks Pushkin Boulevard.

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