Dr Zhivago Restaurant



Mokhovaya St, 15/1
Subway: Okhotny Ryad
dr zhivago restaurant moscow

Dr. Zhivago is located in the heart of Moscow, just one block away from the Red Square and Kremlin. It occupies ground floor of the legendary Hotel National built in 1902. The restaurant carries the name of the legendary novel, as well as creates its own intriguing story line.

Dr. Zhivago offers modern Russian cuisine in a stylish setting. Unlike Pushkin, Dr. Zhivago features modern interiors where white walls contrast with red seats, red bar table and red wineglasses.

The menu includes most of the well-known traditional Russian dishes. There are several kinds of Russian Pelmeni (stuffed with crab, fish or duck meat), goose ragout with cranberries, traditional “pirozhki” (Russian stuffed pies), Moscow styled borscht, several kinds of caviar to name a few.

Today the restaurant is popular not just with tourists but also with locals. It gets more crowded on weekends, so make sure to reserve your table in advance!

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