White Rabbit Restaurant



Smolenskaya Square, 3
Subway: Smolenskaya
white rabbit moscow

In October of 2021 White Rabbit received it's Michelin star. The restaurant represents the so called “new Russian cuisine”. What this means is that they use local products to cook traditional Russian dishes with a modern touch.

Just to give you an example there is Russian borscht on the menu that is served with fried crucian carp fishes, baked beans and turnip chips. Another example is cabbage rolls stuffed with rabbit meat and served with foie gras souce.

They also have a decent selection of more traditional dishes like various kinds of steaks, French onion soup and Russian pies, in case any of the “modern” options make you feel uncomfortable.

The cuisine at White Rabbit is managed by Vladimir Mukhin who made a great contribution to the inclusion of the restaurant in the international “Top 50 Best Restaurants” list in 2015.

White Rabbit is frequented both by locals and tourists and gets very busy during weekends. Book your table in advance!

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