Aist Restaurant



Malaya Bronnaya St, 8/1
Subway: Pushkinskaya
aist restaurant in moscow

Aist restaurant is located in the trendy Patriarch Ponds area in the center of Moscow. The restaurant is mainly focused on European cuisine but also has some signature Asian dishes. The restaurant is located in its own 3 story building.

It's worth noting that one of the best summer verandahs in the city is located at Aist.

The cuisine at Aist is managed by the chef Mirko Zago who began to learn culinary skills at the Piemonte restaurant. He worked at a number of restaurants in Switzerland, Spain and Italy, including Il Grill located at the Grand Hotel Royal e Golf (1* Michelin).

He won the culinary competition “Lord of Taste” aired on Channel One. In 2006, he organized the first banquet of Italian cuisine at the summer residence of Vladimir Putin. He was the host of the first two seasons of the culinary show “Master Chef” on the local STS TV channel.

Local menu has a large selection of fish, meat and poultry. Some of the items on the menu include beef with foie gras and lingonberries, squid fritto with yogurt and pickled onions, tataki salmon and hand-rolls. The menu has a whole section dedicated to crudo.

Aist restaurant has an extensive dessert menu and good quality coffee that they roast in a special Giesen roaster installed in the center of the main hall.

Inside, Aist features a lot of space with elegant furniture and large windows that offer excellent views of the adjacent pedestrian area.

Talking about summer, it’s worth mentioning that Aist has two summer verandas - one at the very entrance of the restaurant and the other on top of the building. Both of them feature cozy furniture and a beautiful view for a leisurely brunch on a sunny day or a romantic dinner on a warm summer evening.

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