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Say hello to Viki Odintcova, one of our favorite girls on Instagram. She became popular after holding several super-hot photo shoots with Mavrin Studios based in Saint Petersburg. In fact one of our ongoing poll results prove that she is the most admired model that cooperates with the famous photographer. Feel free to checkout the current Poll stats at the end of the post!

viki odintcova hot

She has already earned more than 60% of all votes! Viki Odintcova is becoming more and more popular outside Russia. She has recently collaborated with the Dutch edition of FHM and had a big photo shoot in Paris. In addition to that she appeared on the cover of the Playboy magazine in 2015.

Almost 5 million instagram followers undermine her great modeling potential that has already expanded beyond Instagram. Viki Odintsova is going to turn 25 years old on the 15 of November 2018. Her extensive travel schedule is full of the most desired destinations around the world that include Dubai, London, Paris and of course Moscow.

Viki Odintcova Body Stats

viki odintcova car

Viki Odintcova has close to perfect body measurements that attract so much attention. She is just 5.6 feet tall (173cm) that is slightly below the average height for fashion models. But at the same time all of her other measurements look flawless:

  • Bust: 35.4” (90 cm)
  • Waist: 25” (63 cm)
  • Hips: 36” (92 cm)
  • Weight: 121 lbs. (55 kg)

Best Photo Shoots

Viki Odintsova has participated in numerous photo shoots around the world. She is not afraid to show off her hot body to the public and gets rewarded with thousands of "likes" from her fans around the world. There are many Viki’s photos made at various luxury hotels around the world.There are several photo shoots with Viki that I would like to highlight in this post. They seem to perfectly underline her great looks.

Viki Odintcova in Paris

There is her famous photo shoot that took place in Paris. Viki had her super-hot white dress on that emphasized her stunning body. viki odintcova paris

Private Jet Photoshoot

I also liked Viki posing inside a private jet. As you can see she was wearing that same white dress there. viki odintcova jet

Viki Odintcova Beach Photos

Viki Odintcova looks amazing in all of her beach photo shoots. They take place in various exotic destinations like Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. By the way most of these shoots in remote seaside locations were made by Alexander Mavrin. viki odintcova beachviki odintcova beach 1

Crazy Skyscraper Video

On December of 2016 Viki Odintcova published a video where she performed her famous skyscraper trick in Dubai. She was basically hanging from the top of 1000 feet (more than 300 meters) high building holding just a hand of her male assistant. The video received more than 1.7 million likes on Instagram alone. In addition to that she has managed to receive some high quality media coverage. Magazines like Cosmopolitan and USA Today published their posts covering Viki's heroic photo shoot.

Viki Odintsova: Personal Life

Until recently there was hardly any public information about the love live of Viki Odintcova. Several months ago she was invited to participate in one of the videos of the famous Russian pop star Egor Krid. It was claimed by a number of people that there was a certain spark between them during the filming process. Egor has recently celebrated his 22nd birthday. viki odintcova swimwearViki Odintcova was among his guests and took a lot of his attention. In addition to that a number of rumors talk about their recent escape on private getaway. The couple was spotted at one of the luxury resorts in Greece. At the same time there have been no official statements from neither of the sides. The possible relationship is preferred to be kept secret.

Our Online Poll

Our recent Poll demonstrated a lot of sympathy towards Viki comparing to other well-known models: Helga Model, Diana Melison and Anyuta Rai.

We had 1,609 participants from 11 countries that had to pick thier favorite Russian Instagram model. Checkout the results!

Viki Odintsova1,046 Votes65%
Helga Model345 Votes21%
Diana Melison193 Votes12%
Anyuta Rai25 Votes2%
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