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  1. Anyuta Rai: Early Career Start
  2. Warning Russian Beauties of the Real Work behind Instagram Photos

This 25 year old Russian beauty from Yekaterinburg is enjoying her Instagram model status with over 1 million subscribed Instagram fans. Similar to most of the young ladies working for Mavrin Models, Anyuta Rai is a live example of a simple Russian girl from one of the remote cities of the country gaining a global visibility.

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Anyuta Rai Early Career Start

Anyuta Rai started her modeling career when she was 18 years old. She claims to be discovered at one of the shopping malls in her home town. That was followed by one of her first serious photo shoots with one of the well known Russian photographers. This was an extreme shoot because everything was taking place outside the city in one of the half destroyed buildings. Wearing high heels on the wet ground and climbing around that building didn't stop Anyuta Rai from moving forward with the modeling career. anyuta-rai-3 anyuta-rai-4

Warning Russian Beauties of the Real Work behind Instagram Photos

Anyuta Rai warns all these Russian Beauties that are just making their first steps to advance their modeling careers through Instagram that there is a lot of tough work required to succeed. The competition is getting tougher every month and its getting more difficult for even perfect looking girls to gain visibility.

anyuta-rai-5 Instagram popularity can become a great start for other non-modeling careers. Today Anyuta also works on developing her own clothing line called Dress by Anyuta Rai. anyuta rai At the same time her personal life remains to be hidden from the public. Anyuta used to regularly post photos while driving in a Mercedes with white leather seats. She was always sitting on a passenger seat so some of her fans assumed it was her boyfriend’s car. You wouldn't expect her driving around in an old Chevy, would you?:) The auto looks nice and expensive but the boyfriend's photos are missing.

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