Erotic Massage in Moscow 2023 (Prices, Services, Programs)

Today there are more than 50 Erotic Massage salons working in Moscow. About 15 of them are located in the central part of the city. The number of businesses that perform erotic massage services is definitely on the rise.

Erotic Massage in Moscow: General Overview

The core of the staff at this type of massage salons in Moscow are women that arrive to the city from all over Russia and adjacent countries like Ukraine and Belarus. Their typical age ranges from 20 to 25 years old. The number of girls working at massage salons ranges from 2 to about 30. All girls work in shifts that usually include up to 10 masseuses.

Erotic Massage Services

Erotic massage is just one of the services offered at this type of places. Other services include regular kinds of massage, hookahs, Turkish saunas and spas.

A lot of the erotic massage salons position themselves as small high class clubs where you can relax with a good looking masseuse. These higher class salons are typically located in the center of Moscow.

Inside they feature modern interiors where each private room resembles a good quality air conditioned hotel room equipped with its own shower, TV and a minibar. Some rooms have small stages with stripper poles.

Private room service makes sure all traditional shower accessories like shampoo and soap are available in each room. All towels and sheets are disposable. Some massage salons offer disposable slippers which is also a good idea.

Some salons offer their erotic massage services outside the salon. This means that a customer can invite a masseuse to their hotel or apartment.

Prices and Typical Programs

The list of erotic programs offered at these Moscow massage salons varies depending on the place. Here is our list that has average prices on the most common programs offered at these type of places.

Massage Programs Average Price
Basic Programs 5000 – 8000 Rubles (70 – 115 USD)
Intermediate Programs 10000 – 18000 Rubles (140 – 260 USD)
Advanced Programs usually up to 60000 Rubles (900 USD)

Usually there is a basic program that includes 1 hour of massage. Some salons split that hour into 2 halves. The first half is dedicated to regular massage, the second is erotic. During the process the masseuse doesn’t wear any clothes on. Sometimes basic programs include body to body massage.

The main difference of intermediate programs is that they allow touching the masseuse that makes the process more intimate and exciting. They also include body to body massage and an option to replace the traditional massage part with erotic (free of charge).

Advanced programs usually take up to 3 hours, may include several girls at a time, lots of kissing and touching, a lesbian show, some role-playing games and so on.

Planning Your Visit and Picking Masseuse

Calling a salon’s concierge is usually the first thing customers do before making their first visit. Most of erotic massage salons located in the center of Moscow have concierges that speak some English. You can speak with salon’s representatives to clarify any services you are interested in and schedule your visit.

When you arrive to a salon the first thing that happens is you are welcomed by the hostess. The guests are usually offered to sit down on a couch located at the welcome hall and offered some complimentary beverages. Some salons offer a portion of cognac free of charge. More drinks are available at the bar.

All guests are offered to put on disposable slippers and then invited to another room where they pick their masseuse and massage program. After the choice is made guests are invited to select their room. Remember that during busy hours on weekend evenings the number of available rooms gets smaller.

Erotic Massage Salons in Moscow

Nearest Metro: Krasnye Vorota
Maly Kharitonievsky lane, 9/13
Soho SPA located on Maly Kharitonievsky lane 9/13, in the center of the city has everything to keep you warm during cold winter season in Moscow! The place has 3 VIP rooms equipped with Jacuzzi and 8 regular rooms with modern design. Roxy is located in the heart of Moscow just minutes away from all main attractions. Soho offers…
Imperium SPA
Nearest Metro: Sretenskiy Bulvar
Myasnitskaya Ulitsa, 41в, Moscow
During one of my latest business trips to Moscow I was guided by a friend of mine to a place called Imperium SPA that offers erotic massage services. The place had lots of good-looking girls and the salon’s staff spoke English. Overall that was a nice experience in the heartof the city. Don’t confuse erotic massage salons with…
Barbie SPA
Nearest Metro: Prospekt Mira
Kalanchevskaya Ulitsa, 32/58с1, Moscow
Today, Moscow is one of the coolest and most developed cities in the world. You can definitelly find entertainment for every taste and budget here. But at the same time there are businesses around the city where they don't speak English. Barbie Spa that offers erotic massageerotic massage services is not one of them! All of the…
Podium SPA
Nearest Metro: Arbatskaya
Ulitsa Bolshaya Molchanovka, 18, Moscow
Podium SPA is one of the massage salons located in the center of Moscow, near Arbatskaya metro station. Podium features modern interiors with a hookah bar lounge, 12 spacious rooms equipped with shower rooms and jacuzzi. Podium is a foreigner friendly place, so all of its customer facing employees speak English. Visitors are…
Vanilia Massage Salons
Nearest Metro: Lubjanka
Myasnitskaya str 8/2, Moscow
Everybody knows that Moscow has some of the most beautiful girls in the world. On the other side it can be quite difficult for someone who is visiting Moscow for their first time to actually meet them. One of the reasons for that is of course Russian language. As you can imagine, not everyone speaks English here. Another thing…