Vanilia Massage Salons


Myasnitskaya str 8/2, Moscow
Subway: Lubjanka
Vanilia Massage Salons in moscow

Everybody knows that Moscow has some of the most beautiful girls in the world. On the other side it can be quite difficult for someone who is visiting Moscow for their first time to actually meet them.

Vanilia Massage Salons in moscow

One of the reasons for that is of course Russian language. As you can imagine, not everyone speaks English here. Another thing is that Moscow is really big and has numerous clubs and restaurants spread around the city.

Vanilia Massage Salons in moscow

It can be very hard to filter all of the right info and pick the right places to go to.

Vanilia Erotic Massage in Moscow

Vanilia Massage Salons in moscow

Vanilia actually lets you handle both of the stated above challenges in the most positive way! Here they offer some of the best erotic massage services in Moscow performed by their gorgeous massage experts that speak English.

Vanilia Massage Salons in moscow

In addition to that all of these girls have degrees from various medical education programs in Russia. So there is no doubt that you’ll be in good hands at Vanilia!

Safety First

Vanilia Massage Salons in moscow

What is important is that this place is totally legal and foreigner friendly so you don’t need to worry about safety. Vanilia is not a brothel or a strip club. Instead it focuses on professional massage services with a strong erotic flavor.

Girls at Vanilia

vanilia erotic massage moscow

All of the ladies that work here are really good looking. One of the biggest questions that come into mind about this type of places is whether photos of the girls that you see on their websites are real. I can tell you that at Vanilia they are real!

vanilia erotic massage

The current economic conditions in Russia allow employers to hire the top quality employees and keep their costs low.

That’s one of the main reasons that allowed Vanila to hire more than 60 great looking and educated girls from all over Russia that love their jobs.

vanilia massage

There are two important things that Vanilia requires their massage experts to have in addition to model looks.

Girls working at Vanilia have to actually enjoy what they do. This one is important because it really affects the general atmosphere of the place.

All ladies have to be polite and easygoing so the customers can feel more comfortable with them.

Massage Options

Here are two erotic massage options that they offer at Vanilia, so you can get the general idea.

The Chantarelle option offers classic erotic massage and allows you to take a shower with your masseur before and after the massage.

You can switch positions with your masseur and massage her body after she massages yours with the Egoist package.

Feel free to checkout more options that they have listed on their website!

vanilia massage in moscow
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