Garage Museum of Contemporary Art



Krymsky Val, 9
Subway: oktyabrskaya

The Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow stands as a pivotal institution in Russia's contemporary cultural scene. It was founded in 2008 by Dasha Zhukova and Roman Abramovich and is named after the Garage, the building's original purpose as a bus garage designed by Constructivist architect Konstantin Melnikov.

the garage museum of contemporary art moscow

The Garage Museum was initially located in the legendary Bakhmetevsky Bus Garage, furthering the rich architectural heritage of the space.

In 2012, the museum shifted to a temporary pavilion in Gorky Park, designed by architect Shigeru Ban, signifying its progressive nature and adaptability. The museum's current home is a renovated Soviet-era restaurant, also located in Gorky Park, redesigned by another architect Rem Koolhaas and his firm OMA.

The transformation has retained historical elements while merging them with modern design, exemplifying the museum's dedication to innovation paired with an appreciation for history.


The Garage Museum of Contemporary Art is renowned for its ambitious exhibition program that showcases both Russian and international artists.

From mounting comprehensive retrospectives of established artists to providing a platform for new and emerging talent, the museum is devoted to exploring the possibilities of contemporary art.

Past exhibitions have included works by prominent figures like Yayoi Kusama, Jeff Koons, and Takashi Murakami, alongside groundbreaking shows of Russian avant-garde artists.

In addition to its focus on showcasing contemporary masterpieces, the museum also invests in educational programs and research, amplifying its role as a center for artistic discourse and development.

Seasonal exhibitions, coupled with permanent installations, make the museum a dynamic place for discovery, discussion, and inspiration.

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art Location

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art is situated in the heart of Moscow's Gorky Park, one of the capital's most vibrant and popular public spaces. The museum's location within Gorky Park adds to the museum's allure, as visitors can enjoy a day of art immersion followed by a leisurely stroll in the scenic surroundings, which offer a plethora of other recreational activities.

The choice of location reflects the museum's mission to be a lively and inviting space, fostering community engagement and inclusivity through the power of contemporary art.

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