Danilovsky Market



Mytnaya Ulitsa, 74
Subway: tulskaya

Danilovsky Market located in the Danilovsky district, south of the city center, has long been an iconic spot for food lovers and tourists alike. Thanks to its prime location, the Danilovsky Market can be reached via various modes of transportation, including metro, with the closest station being Tulskaya.

danilovsky market moscow

The market is nestled in an area that offers a blend of residential and commercial spaces, providing a buzzing ambiance that adds to the market's lively character.

Danilovsky Market History

The history of Danilovsky Market can be traced back to the 1960s, making it a landmark filled with cultural and historical significance.

Initially, it was an ordinary farmers' market where local vendors sold their produce. Over time, it has evolved into a more structured and well-organized market.

What makes Danilovsky Market distinctive is the circular building that houses it, which is a work of Soviet modernist architecture. The design of the building, characterized by its large dome, creates an open and inviting space that shelters a diverse array of stalls and shops.

This architectural feature not only stands out in terms of design but also functions as a symbol of the market's long-standing presence in Moscow.

Throughout its existence, Danilovsky Market has witnessed extensive changes, especially after significant renovations that took place in the early 21st century. These updates transformed it from a traditional local bazaar into a more contemporary food market, with improved facilities and a wider range of products available.

Despite these modernizations, the market has retained its cultural essence and continues to be a place where people can experience traditional Russian food as well as a variety of international cuisines. It is this blend of history with modern food culture that makes Danilovsky Market a unique and vibrant locale in the heart of Moscow.

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