Some details about strip clubs in Moscow

Here we’ll provide you with an overview of the Moscow strip clubs. As you probably know there are a lot of beautiful women in Russia. Moscow attracts them from the various parts of the country. For some of these women the venues described here become their part time job that helps them to settle in the big city and earn some cash.
Brothels are not legal in Russia. The trick is that the venues we are going to mention here offer the same services that regular brothels do without actually being brothels. The general idea of the business is that the ladies have to pay a fee to get into the club just like men. What they decide to do inside the club is their own business and the club has nothing to do with it. Nobody is forcing anybody to do anything. Some ladies will feel like wanting to know you better at one of the VIP rooms, some will offer you a lap dance without getting any further. So there is no exploitation here which results in a very relaxed atmosphere.
The atmosphere inside these venues is more like a pre-party or after-party at a night club depending on the time you visit. So it’s like hanging out at a club, but with beautiful, half-naked ladies around you. You can just relax and chat with them while having a drink without paying any money to anybody.
In many cases the lap dance prices depend on your wish to pay, if we are talking about the standard lap dance in the main hall. Typically you can just pay the 10 US dollars tip and that will be ok. Touching is absolutely fine, opposed to, for example, similar venues in Las Vegas!
Talking about the main intimate “service” that most of the men come to these venues for, you should keep in mind that the standard “service” duration is 30 minutes and the price of this “service” consists of two parts. The first part is actually the value that you negotiate with the lady and pay directly to her.
The second part is the price of the private room that you rent from the club. There are different clubs that have different rooms and the pricing can vary depending on the size of the room, size of the bed, availability of the shower and so on….
Typically most of these venues work Monday through Sunday. But keep in mind that the ladies have shift working hours there. The best time to visit these clubs is Thursday through Saturday starting at 23:00. That’s when you’ll be able to get the most out of it. Also keep in mind the entrance fee that is usually about 1000 Rubles (about 35 US Dollars).
So the overall idea is that the strip clubs in Moscow provide a more relaxed interaction with the ladies rather than just paying, watching and leaving. Just make sure that you visit the right venues that are safe and reliable.

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