Moscow Strip Clubs: The Naked Truth

Hey Guys, in this post I would like to talk about Moscow strip clubs! As you probably know there are lots of beautiful women in Russia that tend to move to Moscow from various parts of the country in search for better life. Settling in any capital is not an easy task that in many cases requires significant amounts of money.

Moscow Strip Clubs: In Search for the Wealthy Sponsor

Moscow strip clubs attract young females from all over the country looking for fast cash and wealthy sponsors or even potential husbands! Fast cash is probably not the best strategy, but it definitely helps to pay the bills.
In addition to that getting a job at a strip club for a good looking female is not a very hard task. For a large portion of women involved in the business the venues listed on our website including Virgins, Bordo and Rasputin become their part time job that helps them settle in the big city.

Finding “rich sponsors” I have mentioned above is a highly desirable target for most of the females arriving to Moscow from all over Russia and former CIS republics. Compensation of the monthly apartment rental is one of the most common sponsorship options. In this case sponsorship is not some kind of heartless purchasing process. Instead it lies somewhere between friendship and business partnership. There are many ways they typically use to find their financial supporters and the definition of “rich” highly varies depending on the chosen way. The most 2 common ways are night clubs including the ones we are talking about in this article and specialized dating services.

Moscow Strip Clubs Are Brothels

Most of the high profile Moscow strip clubs function as typical brothels. At the same time brothels are not legal in Russia. The trick is that most of these clubs offer typical services you expect to find at brothels without actually being brothels. The general idea behind this business is that the ladies are obliged to pay an entrance fee to get into the club just like men. What they decide to do inside the club is their own business and the club has nothing to do with it. No one is being forced to do anything against their own will. Some ladies will want to know you better at one of the rented VIP rooms, some will just offer you a lap dance without getting any further. Moscow strip clubs don’t exploit women which results in quite relaxed atmosphere.


Moscow Strip Clubs Atmosphere

I would describe the atmosphere inside all these Moscow strip clubs as a pre-party or after-party at a night club depending on the time you visit. So it’s like hanging out at a regular club, but with lots of beautiful, half-naked ladies around you. You can just relax and chat with some of them while having a drink. Tipping or not is up to you.
Getting a lap dance at the main hall typically assumes a tip but at the end you decide either to pay or not.
Anyways, a 10 USD tip would be more than enough in this case. The purpose of the Main hall is to start some kind of communication with these women and eventually discuss the potential perspectives. Buy the way, touching is totally fine at the Moscow strip clubs that makes these places really stand out comparing to similar clubs in Las Vegas or other US cities!

Moscow Strip Clubs and Their Services

Talking about the main intimate “service” that most men come to these venues for, you should keep in mind that the standard “service” duration is 30 minutes and the price consists of two parts. The first part is actually the value that you negotiate with the lady and pay directly to her.
The second part is the VIP room rental fee that is usually paid to one of the waiters. Various Moscow strip clubs offer different types of VIP rooms and the pricing can depend on many things including the size of the room, size of bed, availability of shower, Jacuzzi or a private pool and so on….

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A lot of Moscow strip clubs offer club cards that you can purchase and save on your entrance fees and bar menu. As an example the most expensive cards sold at 911 clubs cost 45,000 Rubles (about $600) and allow free entrance for 5 people and 15% discount on the bar and restaurant menu.
The Penthouse club has the same set of club cards at exactly the same prices.

Typically most of these venues work Monday through Sunday. The best time to visit them is Thursday through Saturday starting at 23:00. That’s when most of the ladies are available and the party is just starting. Also keep in mind the entrance fee that is usually about 1000 Rubles (about 15 US Dollars).


So the general idea that I wanted to conclude this post with is that visiting a strip club in Moscow is more than just paying, watching and leaving. Just make sure you visit right places that are safe and reliable.

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