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  • Batian on Moscow Strip Clubs: The Naked TruthAs Jack mentioned, there are some hidden smaller places like Shandra. There was another place called Safari long time ago near Kitay Gorod subway station
  • Jack on Moscow Strip Clubs: The Naked TruthI found Angels to be a bit of hit or miss. There is a hidden club called Shandra that's pretty good and much less expensive.
  • Geert on Moscow Strip Clubs: The Naked TruthI prefer the Loft, and then Penthouse.
  • Geert on Virgins ClubPros: Nice interior, maybe the most beautiful girls of the Moscow clubs. Long private dance. Cons: No tips polici for the girls, so you're constantly
This section is dedicated to upscale Moscow restaurants that are considered to be the most popular at the moment. Make sure to book your table in advance because they get really packed during weekend evenings.
Check out all the latest info and events that take place on the Moscow nightlife scene. We have compiled a list of the most popular night clubs in the city. Check out our featured reviews to find out more!
This section is dedicated to the select adult venues in the city. Our strip clubs list contains the most popular clubs located mostly in the central part of the city. Check out our discussion boards to ask questions and share your experience!
Explore some of the most exciting things to do in Moscow. Here will publish our posts about the areas and places we enjoy visiting ourselves! In addition to that we'll do our best offering you the insights into the life of Moscow both from the tourist and locals perspectives!