The State Tretyakov Gallery



Lavrushinsky Ln, 10
Subway: tretyakovskaya

The State Tretyakov Gallery, a treasure trove of Russian fine art, is located in the heart of Moscow. Situated in the historical district known as Zamoskvorechye, the gallery is on Lavrushinsky Lane, just a short walk from the Moskva River.

the state tretyakov gallery moscow

Its proximity to other cultural landmarks, and easily accessible by public transport, makes it a focal point for tourists and art enthusiasts visiting the capital.

The building that houses the State Tretyakov Gallery is an impressive example of Russian architecture. The gallery's façade, designed by the artist Viktor Vasnetsov, is styled like a fairy-tale Russian terem, reflecting the national character of the museum's collection.

The original private home of the Tretyakov family has expanded over the years with new additions and renovations to accommodate the growing collection, including the construction of a new building in the 1980s designed by architect I.M. Vinogradsky which serves as an annex for modern art.

The Tretyakov Gallery started as the private collection of Moscow merchant Pavel Tretyakov in the mid-19th century. Tretyakov began collecting art in 1856 with a mission to create a museum dedicated to showcasing Russian national art.

In 1892, Tretyakov donated his collection to the city of Moscow, which included over 2,000 works of art at the time. Since then, the gallery has grown substantially and become one of the most significant museums of Russian art in the world, representing a comprehensive history of Russian visual art from the 11th century to the modern day.

The State Tretyakov Gallery boasts an expansive collection of Russian art, encompassing more than 180,000 works. The gallery's collection includes icons, paintings, sculptures, and graphic art.

Among the iconic pieces housed here are Andrey Rublev’s "Trinity," Ilya Repin's "Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan," and Kazimir Malevich's "Black Square."

Alongside these historic pieces, the gallery also displays a vast array of artworks by other prominent Russian artists, from the ancient to the avant-garde, showcasing a rich tapestry of Russia’s artistic heritage.

It is a place where visitors can immerse themselves in the full spectrum of Russian culture and art history.

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