Address: Bol'shaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa, 58, Moskva, Russia, 121069

Nearest Metro: Barrikadnaya

Phone: 7-916-765-7567


Siberia Moscow in moscow

For a long time Moscow nightlife scene was lacking a night club that could compare with the atmosphere of the closed Dyagilev club. During late 2000’s Dyagilev was famous for its crazy parties and amounts of money spent by some of its renowned guests. The situation has changed in 2014 after the opening of Siberia club and restaurant.

Siberia has some really fancy and expensive interiors with a large chandelier hanging in the main hall. During week days Siberia functions as a restaurant with mixed cuisine. The menu includes all kinds of tartars, sushi, fish and meat dishes.

During weekend nights Siberia transforms into a night club with the toughest face control in Moscow. The place gets extremely packed when they have live concerts. The tables become really expensive and extremely hard to get.

There is a new thing that I heard about this place from a friend of mine and it sounds crazy even for Moscow. During weekend nights, when you book a table for 3-4 persons there is a 25,000 rubles (about 450 USD) fee that is automatically charged in addition to the general bill that you receive for the items that you have ordered. It cannot be used to order anything it’s just a table rent price or an entrance fee☺ whichever way you like it.

So right now it’s the hottest place with the hottest people in town that has all of the things associated with the glamorous Moscow nightlife worth taking a look at: Models, oligarchs & excessive spending.

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