Moscow has plenty of bars and night clubs that typically fall into 2 major categories. The first one is all about getting drunk on a tight budget after completing another week of hard work at a low paying job. The second category includes VIP hotspots targeted at the wealthy crowd that consists of business people, politicians and models. Face control is one of the main tools used to draw a line between these two categories.

moscow face control

Moscow face control is famous for being extremely tough, cynical, unfair and in many cases really hard to understand. In reality it just resembles social and economic environment of modern Russia. Over the years Russia has become one of the most unequal places in the world. The poor continue to get poorer with no ways of breaking the trend, while the top 1% controls almost 40% of the wealth.

We have compiled a list of the top 4 night clubs with the toughest face control in Moscow. At the moment these are the most popular VIP clubs that attract the crème de la crème in the city.

  1. The first place on our list is called Siberia that works as a restaurant during the week and a club during weekend nights. The place is packed with models wearing their Hermes Birkin bags and local riches arriving to the front doors on the back seats of their Maybachs. Table reservation fees used to start at about $1k. The best way to get past Siberia's face control is making that reservation and wearing your most expensive blazer.
  2. The second night club on our list is called Chateau de Fantomas, that requires to download its own application in the App Store where you have to register and get required approvals from the existing club members as well as Fantomas himself☺. Once all approvals are made the club offers its potential guests to purchase☺ membership card that used to cost $2k. I'm not sure how many guests have actually managed to complete the procedure, but most people I know just had to pass the club's face control to get in.
  3. The third club on the list is called Mendeleev bar. This place is actually hidden from the general public inside a noodle bar. Mendeleev is famous for its underground parties and has a strict face control. No reservations required.
  4. Finally the fourth place we wanted to mention is called Troyka Multispace that hosts parties just once a month. Each party has its own theme and the invitations are distributed strictly among the club's members. The best way to get inside is by getting a reference from one of Troyka's guest list members or just getting past the clubs face control.

See you on the dance floor!

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