Address: Frunzenskaya Naberezhnaya

Nearest Metro: Frunzenskaya

Frunzenskaya Embankment is one of the historic parts of the city located very close to the downtown area. It has some of the most remarkable historic buildings in Moscow dating back to the Stalin area. It's famous for its recently renovated embankment area located on the opposite side of the Moscow River from the famous Gorky Park.

moscow buildings on frunzenskaya moscow buildings on frunzenskaya moscow buildings on frunzenskaya A lot of families living in those historic buildings have relatives that served in the military during the USSR era. One of the reasons for that is close proximity to the Ministry of Defense located on the embankment. moscow buildings on frunzenskaya It just happened that a lot of middle and higher ranking military official were awarded apartments in this area. The building has been recently renovated and looks really impressive. Frunzenskaya embankment is located between Luzhniki Stadium and Kremlin Embankment. moscow buildings on frunzenskaya The embankment is great for taking long walks along the river. In addition to that it has dedicate jogging and bicycle lanes. You can rent a bike with your phone app at one of the rent point spread along the embankment. moscow buildings on frunzenskaya Today Frunzenskaya area offers some of the best living condition in the city. Thanks to its location outside the busy city center it feels much more quite. At the same time the city center is just minutes away by car. If you decide to take subway then it's just 3 stations away from the Kremlin area. moscow buildings on frunzenskaya moscow buildings on frunzenskaya moscow buildings on frunzenskaya moscow buildings on frunzenskaya moscow-buildings (3) moscow-buildings (7) moscow-buildings (9) moscow-buildings (11)

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