Address: Petrovka Ulitsa, 20/1, Moskva, Russia, 127051

Nearest Metro: Trubnaya

Phone: 7-495-625-3385


Mendeleev Bar in moscow

The entrance to Mendeleev is hidden inside a small noodle bar called Lucky Noodles that is open 24 hours and where you can have a decent portion of noodles for just 5 USD. So the first time people come to Mendeleev bar they get confused and can’t find the front door. That’s what the owners actually wanted to achieve in the first place. The idea was to hide the club from the general public…..

Once you find the entrance and pass the club’s strict face control you’ll descent into the stylish dark basement full of people that appreciate quality electronic music.

Mendeleev’s menu features Pan Asian cuisine that includes all kinds of spring rolls, fried rice and Tom Yгm soup.

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