Address: Mokhovaya St, 15/1, Moskva, Russia, 125009

Nearest Metro: Okhotny Ryad

Phone: 7-499-922-0100


Dr Zhivago in moscow

Dr. Zhivago is one of the newer restaurants with Russian cuisine opened by Alexander Rapoport who is the man behind a number of other well-known restaurants in the city that include Kitayskaya Gramota, Meat club and Black Thai.

In 2014 Alexander was awarded his Restaurateur of the Year title by GQ Russia.

Located near Red Square at the classy National hotel, Dr. Zhivago is claimed to become an alternative to the famous Pushkin restaurant which has been in place since 1999.

Unlike Pushkin, Dr. Zhivago features modern interiors where white walls contrast with red seats, red bar table and red wineglasses. The menu includes most of the well-known traditional Russian dishes at very attractive prices.

There are several kinds of Russian Pelmeni (stuffed with crab, fish or duck meat) priced from 350 to 540 Rubles per portion, goose ragout with cranberries for 740 Rubles, traditional “pirozhki” (Russian stuffed pies) for 80 Rubles a piece just to give you a general idea.

Premium location, Russian cuisine and views of Red Square make Dr. Zhivago an excellent choice for Moscow visitors.

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