Address: Bolotnaya Naberezhnaya, 3 строение 2, Moskva, Russia, 119072

Nearest Metro: Kropotkinskaya

Phone: 7-925-585-4146


Chateau de Fantomas in moscow

Chateau de Fantomas is located at the premises of Krasny Oktyabr factory across the river from Kropotkinskaya subway station. The club is famous for its summer parties that take place on the roof of the club’s building. As described in one of the magazines Chateau de Fantomas is a private night club that is closed for the general public.

Officially, if you don’t own the club card, the only way to get in is to download the mobile application called Fantomas and get 5 virtual approvals from the current night club members. A friend of mine managed to get into the club about a month ago without going through this complicated process.. As he noted the place looked pretty cool inside, but it was half empty. So, I’m not sure if that system really works. Anyways this is a unique way to filter the crowd at the entrance…

Chateau de Fantomas takes 4 floors of the former production plant building that include 3 bars, a restaurant, a small movie theater and a real theater that has a stage with a sitting area. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the club.

The venue can be reached by turning right to the lane before the Rolling Stone Bar if you walk from the Bolshaya Polianka street along Moscow River. So I would say that the overall concept of this venue is quite unique. It’s just important not to ruin it by keeping the club empty.

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