Premier Lounge (former Imperia Lounge) – Closed

Imperia Lounge (Premier Lounge) is one of the top night clubs in Moscow.
This place was brought to us by the team of pioneers of the Moscow nightlife under the leadership of Alexey Gorobiy. Alexei constructed and managed some of Moscow’s top venues that have actually become the trend setters for the local nightlife scene. Clubs that were managed and built by Alexei and his team include the famous Titanic, Shambala, Zima, Leto, Osen and Dyagilev club. The well known Moscow’s face control has it’s origins at the venues managed by Alexei as well. Pasha Pichugin also known as Pasha Face Control has been managing the door policy at all of Alexei’s projects.
Imperia Lounge has two dance floors, a large lounge area and a summer veranda. What’s unique about this place is that the walls and the ceiling at one of the dance floors are actually made of plazma screens merged into one huge screen area. These screen walls are used to project various graphics and video installations during the parties.

Imperia Lounge
Mantulinskaya str. 5, bldg. 7
VIP Reserve: 7 (495) 211-5211

Просмотреть Imperia Lounge на карте большего размера

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